Hummus & Chocolate

It's January one and a new year is upon us! A lot has changed this past year.  Moving back from Kansas. Adam working from home. New house. Remodels. My new job. Yep! And a lot will change this year with an addition of a little boy to the clan! Feeling very blessed! 

I have tried to take every moment this winter break to soak up in Ollie time! Since the next time I will have time off school will be to to have a baby (hopefully)! A couple things about this cute face right now. 

1) Nails. She loves when Adam or I paint her nails. She wants new colors every day. She wants toes painted. Fingers painted. The whole shebang. Sometimes there are multiple colors going on at one time. Yellow and green paint are her favorites. Uncle Boss would appreciate the Packer colors.

2) Hot Dogs. After every nap and every morning over break Ollie woke up and said "hot dog" as her first words outta slumber. She likes hot dogs. With buns, without. Corndogs. She likes them all. And it's still pretty much like clockwork that when 9pm rolls around and we are just about to climb into bed after our bath and books she grabs one of our faces with both hands and whispers the words.."hot dog"...

3) Sentences. It's fun to see little brains work. She is starting to take all the words she says and create sentences of her own. They even kinda make sense. The other day we were going to Target and as she got out of the car she told Adam "cold hat, hat, mommy hat, daddy hat, ollie hat. cold out."

4) Like father like daughter, like mother like daughter. Ollie is such a little mini me of both Adam and I. The perfect storm. This morning she asked for hummus for her snack (Adam), but last night she begged for chocolate. So we had her pick up her kitchen area to receive that piece of chocolate. She cleaned up in seconds singing her "clean up clean up" song and when Adam gave her the chocolate she thanked up both over ten times and gave us multiple hugs as she savored her piece of chocolate goodness (totally me- considering I bought a bag of pb M&M's the other day and realized that I alone consumed the WHOLE bag in a week. The big bag too. Yikes.) It's fun to see her likes and appreciation for things at this young age- everything is such a big deal!

Here's to 2015! 

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