Pax Michael

Pax Michael Anderson came to capture our hearts Monday, April 10, 2015 at 7:28am. We are so in love with this little guy! From the second he came out we could already tell he was going to be a little different from his big sis. He cried a little. Not a super lot.

We had a bit of a scare because he was breathing too quick. Almost gasping for air. They say newborns should breathe 30-60 breaths per minute and he was at 90! They told us that if his breathing didn't go down down that he would be taken by ambulance to another NICU because the one at our hospital was full! Ah! Luckily, he went down to 66 soon and they let him stay with me! Praise the Lord! 

Pax has been a pretty chill and calm baby so far. Ollie is doing great with "helping" us out by getting diapers and blankets for him when needed. Whenever I ask her to get something she replies, "Yes please".  Ha. Little cutie. 

I am soooo excited for this extended summer break and have been on cloud nine pretty much since I got home. The first night we were home  I did have a 2am freak out with tears upon tears not knowing if I/we could handle this. Other than that. I've been all about the "mom of two" role! I can tell my pre-pax mood and post-pax mood have changed drastically. I love having him here (outside the womb)! I feel like everyday is a daydream in a sense! I'm trying to soak up each second, even the ones in the middle of the night when I can barely keep my eyelids open. Adam has been so great and helpful too! It's nice he works from home right now so over his lunch break he can usually help me out a bit! 

Extremely blessed and loving every second of life right now!

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