A Full Wkend!

This last weekend one of my good friends from high school, Ashley, tied the knot to a man named Jeremy! It was a special weekend full of fun and festivities.

Adam and I headed up to Kearney Friday afternoon for the rehearsal dinner. It all went well and we were excited to see Ash and Jeremy so much in love and ready for their big day!

The day of the wedding was gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful out and Ashley looked amazingggg! I loved her little cupcake dress with her sparkling hairpiece and necklace! Most of the bridesmaids all went to high school in Ashland with Ash and it was fun reminiscing about the past and thinking about the future...while we were applying lipstick and hairspray the guys all slept in and went to Big City Burrito (home of the famous "gutbuster", where Adam and TL have their picture on the wall from a day last summer where they inhaled the gutbuster).They day went smoothly and it was great to see some old friends there celebrating Ashley and Jeremy's special day as well!

Adam taking pictures of TL taking pictures. Very necessary.

And...Adam taking pictures of Chris taking pictures.

This is so "not" Trent, So, I had to add it. Enjoy TL.

Miss Mary and Linda (Amanda's mom) came up to celebrate as well!

While we were in Kearney, my brother Alex was graduating from UNL! Woot woot! I'm so happy for him, bummed I couldn't celebrate, but it's okay...I heard the ceremony was 2 1/2 hours long, I was fine being there in spirit:)  He is done with school now and will be getting married soon...9-10-11 (the date of the wedding is very "Alex-like")!

This pic my mom took is awesome! Everything a little blurry except for Al!

The next morning we drove home, stopped quick to grab Bruce (Adam's brother, Tyler, helped us out big time and looked after Bruce while we were in Kearney- Thanks Tyler!), and met my grandparents and family to eat a little "Mother's Day lunch". We stopped by Grandma Barb's to say hi and then headed off to work on getting the cabin back in shape for summer time. After that we drove to Fremont and had dinner with Adam's fam! Adam and Thomas played basketball, Tom grilled, and Robin, Evelina, and I kept our eyes on the dogs!

Mother's day with Gma Barb

Bruce on the boat.

Sink or swim? ha.

Boss with his dog, Bruce wanted to be like Jessi.
The neighbor dog came over....HUGE! Holy cow, she said the dog weighed over 200 lbs!

Robin with the dogs!

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