Here We Are!

Hi friends! Welcome to our blog! Adam and I are excited to get to share some of our fun moments through life with you. I'm not exactly sure how my new "hobby (as my friend Britt from school calls it)" will go...but that's okay! We will give it a whirl! 

So as most of you know, Adam and I just got MARRIED this month and are continuing to take it all in! Ah, so much...it seems surreal that the months of planning, creating, deciding, and excitement for this one day has already come and gone. We are so happy with how everything turned out and continue to talk about all of our friends and family that were there and how much it meant to us. God has truly blessed us in more ways then you can count! 

Our photographer Khara, kabloomstudios.com, was AMAZING! We loved her! So great!

 I was so happy that all of our envisioning of the colors worked out! Yes! We had so much help from friends and family it was ridiculous! From anything to my mom and I staying up late on "school nights" making the centerpieces, to my dad welding doors together for the entryway, to Adam's grandma making the ties for the guys, my grandma making the shawls for the ladies, my cousin Ali finding the perfect necklaces, my cousin Abs making the most adorable hairpieces, a teacher friend making her famous whoopie pies, and of course my "better half (truly)" designing countless items (assigned seating, the guest book poster, etc). I'm surprised he didn't want to strangle me by the time February got here!

We had our reception at the SAC Museum in Ashland, my hometown. It was quite fun to meander around with all the planes and aircraft!  

Our big day was definitely a day to remember....Adam kept saying to me throughout the night, "Am, remember this"...it practically would bring tears to my eyes...I was ACTUALLY walking through my wedding day... something that I had gone over so many times in my head before. Words can't express how thankful I am for my new husband and I am excited to see what the Lord has planned for our future...:)

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  1. I love it already Am, SO SO cute! This was such a great day!