Mexico or Bust!

Honeymoon time! Adam and I went to to a resort called El Dorado Royale in Riviera Maya for our honeymoon... and LOVED it! Due to my teaching schedule we decided to go a couple weeks after the wedding. It worked out perfect...gave us some time to get the house together, relax, and anticipate our trip! 

This was our view as soon as we checked in...beautiful, gorgeous...and a little more beautiful!

It was funny because as we were driving up to the resort I mentioned to Adam (with my best puppy dog face) that "maybe on an anniversary we could stay in a casita (these little adorable individual huts that are more spacious, personal, romantic, etc.)...". He looked at me and just said "Amy, let's be content with what we have...our room in the hotel will be fine"... I was a little disappointed in that answer (in my heart I wanted him to say "Of course honey, anything for my sweet little bride") but I thought that he made a good point, we were in MEXICO! Warm weather, sandy beaches, all inclusive, with my new husband...praise God! So, as we checked in we were told that our room wasn't ready....and YOU GUESSED IT...CASITAS! So Adam and I got to enjoy the casitas for two nights before making out transfer over the our original hotel room...and they were nothing short of perfect!

We spent countless hours on the beach, ate, drank, and were "marr-ied". Found some little island creatures, went snorkeling, read the bible poolside, and enjoyed the wonders that God has made. Here is a little glimpse into our trip!

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