Spring Break 2011!

This year Elkhorn had one WHOLE week for spring break. I was told this has never happened before and will never happen again. So...I made sure to book tickets to someplace warm as soon as I heard that! It actually worked out super nice because last June, when Adam proposed, on the way back from Arizona we were asked if we could stay and switch to a later flight, thus receiving plane vouchers:) So we did, and the vouchers expired in June...so it worked out amazing! We went to Gma & Gpa Sapp's house down there (thanks so much!) and relaxed poolside basically the whole time! We basked in the sun, we ate everything that has a million calories, and we read. We try to read a few chapters of the Bible together daily, so it was fun to switch up the scenery when doing that. One of my favorite times, no offense to Adam, was early morning. The sun would always shine in and sparkle around 6am, so I would get up, make a little cup of vanilla latte or mocha deliciousness from the fun little "single cup" coffee machine they have down there, and sit out on the porch and read. It was just amazing to unwind and appreciate God's creation. Granted, we should be doing it all the time, it just is a little easier when the only noises you hear are the songs of the birds instead of the screams of 20 third graders:)  I finished Bittersweet and dominated Heaven is for Real in less than 24 hrs- so good!

Adam and I had talked awhile back about both getting haircuts. A couple weeks ago I scheduled an appointment without him knowing and chopped of seven inches of my hair:) I remember when I came home I was so excited to hear his response...he was loading dishes in the dishwasher when I came in...I waited for him to turn around...and waited...(COME ON BABE)...finally, he turned around and was like "Whoaaa, I love it"- good thing he added in that "I love it" or there might have been some tears, sometimes Adam might say I get a little over-dramatic on little things...hmmm, I don't know what he is talking about;)!  Anyways,when we were on the plane to go down there he mentioned buzzing his hair when we got to the house. So, we took the minivan to Target and made that purchase stat! 

The weather was perfect, 80's and 90's! We ventured off to a couple different shopping areas and restaurants. 

A Heart-Shaped Chip!

And grilled out...

And Adam busted the floatie by doing this over and over...don't worry cousins, we bought a new one for future reference.

We appreciated this getaway a lot. No itinerary. No obligations. Just us.

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