This Easter was fun, refreshing, and yet exhausting. With getting Bruce the day before it made for a little longer day! We headed up to Lincoln on Saturday night to go bowling with Adam's family and celebrate Thomas's birthday! It was 90's night at the bowling alley which made things oh so much more fun:) 


We went to church in Lincoln and had a yummy Easter lunch with Adam's family. There was delicious food left and right! Everybody met Bruce and then we headed off to have dessert with my family. 

We stopped to say hi to my grandma Barb and chatted with her for a bit. The folks at the nursing home loved lil Bruce. Grandma said that "he was prettiest ugly dog I have ever seen"...Ha. Got to love her bluntness! Adam thinks she could be a stand-up comedian.

What I thought would be a pretty simple afternoon turned out to be "very active" because Miss Mary (my mom) was in charge...I should have known. We had a thrilling egg hunt...My brother Austin ended up with the overall win..."big blue egg" with $10 bucks in it. An egg we were all so jealous of.

We had a kite flying contest. 


And the Crazy Sapp Bros card game....Ashley (soon to be sister-in-law) won $10 and Suzanne was the loser...getting more then the rest of us...$1.

We had a wonderful Easter. Praise God for sending his son Jesus to die for us! Sometimes with all the "holiday celebrating" it's easy to forget the main purpose of Easter. My grandpa kept saying after everybody left and there were just a few still at the house cleaning up that "no matter how silly some of the games we play are, it gets people talking, laughing, and enjoying simple time with one another". I think that made me challenge myself to appreciate all times...whether I am running carelessly through the yard looking for my "9 Easter Eggs as a 25 year old", trying to figure out whether to lay the high spade or the trump heart, or cleaning up Bruce's poop! Ugh!

*And thanks to Suzanne for the great pics of Bruce in action!

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