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My little baby brother got married!!! Gesh, time flies! Our family adores the new Mrs. Ziegenbein, MariBeth, aka A-Mari! My brother somehow found a cute lady that loves farming, cows, making her own salsa, cowboy boots, and the list goes on! Match made in heaven I tell ya!

The day was beautiful! It's always fun to get family together to celebrate special moments! Welcome to the fam Mari! I'm excited to have you as a sister! Growing up I always wanted a sister and now I have two precious ones (Ashley Loog, I'm talking about you too)! I'm excited to spend our "grown-up" lives together! Taking vacations, talking about babies and kids, making meals and doing the whole laughing and/or crying thing together. Also, I'm excited you are down the road from the parents...I know when we come home, we will most likely get to to see your bright faces!

So, happy day! Cheers!  

Philipp meets Ollie!

"Dad..."   :)

Colorado cousin Anna made the trip back!

I have a cute husband.

My loves.

We love Em and Sara!

All the baby girls were cried. The boys confused by the crying. Ha!

Great Grandma Barb

Awwww...my precious baby girl.

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