Happy Birthday Ollie!

Ollie! Today you are 1! One! Numero Uno! It's January 31! This is such an exciting day and as I was looking back at pictures from this last year it's hard to believe all the things you have already done! From your first smile, to crawling, to tasting different baby foods, to precious giggles, to your proud first steps! Ah! It makes me full of joy for you my sweet baby!

Your daddy and I love you so much and love seeing you grow into the big one year old that you now are;) You start giving kisses to us and we immediately drift off to complete bliss. You will even bend now and give Bruce a "kiss', which you just basically put you face close to him and then pull away. Ha. It's the cutest thing ever. 

You are walking. Not completely. But just starting. You started a few weeks ago and have been cruisin' your way to the top! You can take up to 30 steps in a row! Your daddy and I will sit on opposite sides of the living room and you will make your way back and forth, smiling the entire way. 

You also love to dance. No surprise. Your dad always says "you're your mamas girl" as bounce those cute lil' chubby legs of yours (I secretly love when he says that).

You are starting to get a little tooth on the top now. It's not quite breaking through. But we see it. And daddy and I literally cheered for 5 minutes. Good job. 

We will be heading back to Nebraska today to celebrate your birthday with friends and family! Hooray! 

Last night when dad got home from a late night at work he mentioned where we were at this time the previous year, I hadn't even thought about being in the hospital that night, scared to death to have you...We talked about how your heart rate had dropped twice that night and we starting getting concerned. We talked about how at 8:00 the next morning we decided to go with the c section, and ten minutes later we were in the OR. We talked about your arrival- how when you cried and cried and daddy was asked the nurses "Do they always cry this much?" ;) It's been one year since that day! The day your sweet face changed our lives!

Ollie Lucille, you are the love of our life! We cherish you immensely and pray all the time for you and your future. Your daddy expresses serious concern about the world you will be growing up in if Jesus doesn't come back in our time...and it is very scary and you are going to need to be very prepared. We are hoping that we can help you as much as we can, but we know it is in God's hand. We try not to take any moment for granted as we all know, the years go by quick! Keep snuggling with us and blessing us with your kisses! We love you very much!

Mom & Dad

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