Fun Things

I've been busy which has been superrrr good for me this week. I'm in a "feeling better about Kansas" stage now. So, that's fun. 

This week I went back to NE for a couple of nights and chatted with friends and crafted with family.

Brunch on a boat Thursday morning.

Pedicures are serious business for Kansas teachers apparently. Check out that fancy schmancy goodness.

Adam and I decided to go on a quick Saturday trip to KC and back. It was perfect. We pandora'ed 90's music on the way down, we ate pear & gorgonzola pizza (which was "our thing" before CPK left Omaha and left us both empty inside), we stopped by a cupcake place that I spotted, umm....stopped at MADEWELL, enough said. And went to the Cardinals/ Royals game. It started off a bit chilly and ended up being 97 degrees. We didn't even sit in our cheap seats as we thought standing by the fountains trumped them. It did.

It was a happy week. Good for it.

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