Ollie @ 1 Month!

It's been 1 month since our sweet little Ollie Lu has entered the world and changed our lives! Adam and I are are still adjusting and taking it all in. Every day we fall more in love with her...and every day Adam asks me if I knew being a parent of a baby would be this hard! ha. It's crazy how you have to plan out simple tasks like going to the store, running to Target to grab diapers, taking a shower, and eating a meal! We are amazed at all the people we know with more than one kid- I hear you just get super powers and such;) !

Ollie is growing and has started moving her arms and hands a lot. It's fun to see her big eyes open and try to track. She usually wakes up every three or so hours during the night so we are debating trying a "schedule" or not...She loves baths and it's so cute to see her little body calm down once the warm water runs over her tiny tummy. There has been two big blizzards here in Wichita in the last couple of weeks and we were stuck indoors for a bit. Ol and I also came down with the cold too, so that wasn't much fun:( However, Adam has been great and has helped take care of his sick girls! For a man that needed many many hours of sleep before the baby, he sure is handling the lack of sleep pretty darn well! One night we realized we needed to take "shifts" to make it through...he took the first shift and let me sleep from 9-midnight. She was being fussy. He said at one point he realized that "he was a dad", he had a bottle in one pocket of his sweatpants, his ipod in the other pocket (which connected to his headphones to helps him get through the crying), Ollie on his shoulder and a sheep that plays music locked in his arm while bopping around the house at 11pm. Ha....and magically, we have Daddy Adam!

Ol, I'm pretty sure all I do during the day is feed you, change you, take pictures of you, text pictures of you, wait for dad to come home for lunch, watch talk shows, and try to eat large quantities of food in a matter of minutes so I can keep up with your needs. It's a different kind of "hard work", but you are worth it my dear! xoxo  

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  1. This is wicked creepy, but I love your bedding.