Sweetness in the Rain

Rainy days= indoor recess. Multiple indoor recesses=daily headaches. Daily headaches=Me feeling sorry for myself. Me feeling sorry for myself=the pictures below. The pictures below= helping me see a glimpse of beautiful light. 

1) Our "wife class" has now transformed into "Lori's Ladies" (since Lori will be mentoring a group of us girls) and reunited. Lori taught us how to make her mom's homemade cinnamon rolls. Intense stuff, that making things from scratch, I tell ya. I feel like if I took all the time to put into those cinnamon rolls I would at least have to consume half the batch. right? My thighs, I'm sure, would be delighted.

2) We got this in the mail. Nothing like transforming a rainy day into imaginary rainbows & sunshine. The personalized part even threw in some flying unicorns and a pot of gold at the bottom of that rainbow. We are going on this for a big family vaca in August...with the whole family. Including the cousins. That's my favorite part. They are the coolest people around. and I mean THE coolest.     

3) Adam went out for lunch on Tuesday with his cousin and brought me this back claiming it was the "best cupcake in Omaha"...I might agree. From Dolce Cafe. He had never been there before, but now promises to take me. I promise to get another cupcake.

4) The Hunger Games movie comes out tomorrow! I will be attending with friends AND our guys. When Adam stated this the other day... "I can go with you if you want"...I knew what that meant. I'm not stupid. And neither is he. It's going to be bomb diggity.

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