Everybody Wang "Chung" Tonight

So the Chungs graced us with their presence this weekend. A little Jack was there and loving life. We ate pizza and carmelitas (a dessert that has lots of calories and everything you could want in a dessert). It was fun times.  

Fun Fact of the Day: You may have always wondered..."What does wang chung mean?"...A source on the internet told me this (with an example and all)..."Wang chung" is a 1960's beatnik term that means playing guitar. "What are you gonna do tonight, man?" "Just hang out at the pad and wang chung". The term comes from what they perceived as the sound of strumming an acoustic guitar. You are welcome for this interesting tidbit.

Another Fun Fact: Adam and I are listening to "Getting Jiggy with It" and "Miami" from Big Willie himself. Party in the city when the heat is on. I am going to now dance circles around my husband and watch him laugh at me (secretly wishing he had my moves).

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