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This year was my 1st Mother's Day! And the day was perfect. It actually started out not. Adam and I battled the night before and it was just one of those things where we were tired and Ollie kept crying and we were tired and Ollie kept fussing and we were tired. I woke up thinking "he better have planned something good for this new mom" ;) Adam and I have a joke that he is just not good at surprises. And I love them. So, this makes for interesting "special days"...But this man did amazing! I woke up glaring at the poor guy who was about to make my day so great. I don't know why he keeps me around, really. I don't clean that much, and don't cook that great. And glare at him. 

Rise & Shine. Ollie's smiling and kicking at me. Morning is this girls time. For sure. And Adam looking over at me asking if I was ready for the day, trying to get my mood turned around asap. He brought me a present wrapped in blue polka dot paper (morning getting better) and told me this was partly my birthday gift as well. I opened it up and.... A Kate Spade tote that said "Eat Cake for Breakfast" (morning getting great)! I loved it (& thanks to some cousins of mine who gave him suggestions apparently)! Inside the bag was a frame with some artwork that Ollie and him made! The art was just about as cute as the story....Last week while getting my hair colored and cut, he had Ol. He was going to paint with her so he took a plastic grocery bag and tore two holes in it for her arms and wrapped it around her body like a little apron. I loved that part of the story. He put out four different colors of paint and let her pick the ones she wanted. She took her little hand that was balled up in a fist and put them in colors and painted with her fists. I loved that part of the story too. Then she started crying. And he had to figure out how to get the bag off of her without getting paint everywhere! ha. I asked if he took pics and he said he wanted to but it was a mess and a half. So cute...
Back to the perfect morning....He then gave me some papers with different activities to do that day. Mother's Day Meal, Drink, etc. Sooo FUN! And fun things. We cooked fancy Mac & Cheese with fancy schmancy cheese, made ourselves a lil' fruit-filled Sangria, I got a massage, & DQ blizzard! Perfect! He nailed it. 

Thanks Adam (& Ollie) for making my first Mother's Day so memorable! I'm glad that I can write about it now so I never forget! Such a good husband. I really don't deserve him. 

Also, Ollie and I wore matching outfits to church. Let's talk about how fun that was. Super super fun. 

***And to my mom! Thanks for everything you do! Not only for me, but for Adam and Ollie. I wish I could've spent the day with you as well! But I'll see you a lot this summer! I'll basically reside upstairs.

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