Fish Fry & Cupcakes.

Hi. So, yesterday we had a big day. We headed to Lincoln for the "Annual Famous Fish Fry (I don't know if it's famous or how "annual" it is..? I have only attended it for 2 years...ha, but regardless, that's what I think of when I think of this Fish Fry!)" Adam's uncle Wayne batters up some good ol' Canadian fish that he has caught that year and shares it with the fam! So sweet. It was also his grandma, Evelina's birthday! So, lucky for us, she likes the idea of a fish fry birthday so we all get spoiled!

Thomas taking his famous angle shots!

Birthday Girl!

Little Mason "working" on the lawn with Bruce observing his techniques.

Aww...such a good pic of the brothers:)

After the Fish Fry we got together with some of my high school friends and grilled out at Blew and Beth's place...and Beth showed us how to make beautifully scrumptious cupcakes! She is quite the baker! I LOVE IT! She had all sorts of tips and tricks up her sleeve...and pulled off an apron like nobody's businessss! I have been waiting for "cupcake night" ever since we planned it! The dogs were even invited to come...which was a little chaotic at first...but slowed down and we felt the love later on in the night.

Amanda is 5 1/2 months prego and I love it! I kept taking pictures of her because she was so stinkin cute- don't worry Mandie...I limited myself to posting only two! She showed us future baby Chung and I made her take a pic with it....how could I not?! Aww.... 

A good day...all around! 

**I am thankful for being a teacher. With summer school I only teach until noon so I can have afternoons off and do fun summer things...which reminds me, I finished the book The Help this week. Love it! Totally recommend it! Anyways, thanks God for summer! Fall is going to be super super busy so please help me relax and get refreshed before it hits!

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