Wedding & Lake

In a nutshell:
Over Memorial Weekend my friend Erin got married! Hoorayyy for Erin and Craig! My friend Rachyl came back from California to join in the festivities and it was a pretty night! As the night went on some smart girls came up with a plan to have a March get-a-way next year! Yeahhhh trips! Hopefully Adam and I will be able to go on this little Caribbean excursion...so as Kara put it..."might need to start a little 'side savings account' at the bank to make this happen!"

The next day we headed into Ashland and once again missed the "Memorial Day Parade" that Miss Mary always wants us to make. We were ten minutes late. Which means we missed the parade by 5 minutes. So close. We went up and visited my Grandpa Jim's grave and my dad took us on the usual tour to pay respect to of some family members/friends:( 

We met Adam's parents at the lake for lunch, stayed out in the sun and family friends brought dinner out later on that night:) Here are some quick pics of that! 

-Sorry, this was a quick bit of blog...but gotta head to my LAST BOOT CAMP! oh yeah. 

**And things I'm thankful for...I'm thankful for God. Sometimes I just get sad once and awhile and I have no reason to be. None at all. And Adam reminded me that we weren't made to be 100% always happy here on Earth. We won't ever be truly 100% happy here on Earth. We will always be longing for Heaven (even though we don't realize it) until we actually are there...And sometimes I think since we don't know much about Heaven we don't know how great it will be...our little brains can't even fathom it and it can be kind of scary not knowing...but we just have to know that it's better then anything here on Earth by farrrrr far far! So, thanks God, Bring me closer to you daily (James 4:8).

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