Things that are fun. Some I have...Some I don't...All are fun. Fun things.

1) Nothing Bunt Cake cakes! Loveeee them. Had one last weekend for my brother's birthday. I told Adam if he ever needed out of the doghouse...this might help;)  2) TOMS...I know, old news...it took me awhile to be on board with these guys, but after seeing my friend Jen's white ones sparkle and shine, I feel like this might be in the cards for me soon...Maybe my "treat to myself for teaching summer school?"...Hmm... 3) I love Saturdays. and this shirt from Jcrew. 4) Fun color from Essie, Mint Candy Apple. Even the name gets me. 5) Paula Dean. So...in the afternoons I find myself watching a lot of Food Network...that's right sugar, Paula's just got it going on in the kitchen.

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