3 under $6

For those of you who know me, you may know that I am not what you call a "bargain shopper"...I am just not good at being patient, sorting through lots of bins, etc. I want to get better at this...not only because it will good for me, but also because I have to (we are going to put our house up on the market hoping that it will sell in the next year...and we have to start saving for our loss thanks to the good ol' economy..blahhhh blah blahhkk). So, here are three, count 'em, three, things that I have found or done lately for under $6! Oh yeah. 

1) Salt + Pepper Shakers! Goodwill baby. I think they were like $4.50 together! Fun and yellow....

2) Aww...little fish bowls...from...you'll never guess for only being $3.75 a piece. Anthropologie! Adam didn't think it was a necessary purchase. Hello!!!...if we ever have ocean/beach/under the sea theme parties...:) Or just for summer fun, of course.  

3) Numbers! Hobby lobby. $0.99 each...wait! 40% of that even! Plus, the red leather string and hooks, which was like $4 maybe...

If you know of a place to go to get the good deals...let. me. know.

Happy Tuesday! **Just got done painting a red desk! Talk about a sassy classic! I will post pics later:)

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