Taco Ride

I have heard lots about the "famous taco ride" that happens on Thursdays and have always wanted to try it. So, last Thursday our bible study group took a break from the study and some of us went out on the trails. You basically ride about an hour to this small restaurant in a small town that has tacos and ride an hour back, hence "taco ride".

 I'm not going to lie, this whole experience was not a "leisurely" ride for me. I think for the majority of bikers on the trail it totally is, including Adam. And it might get a little under my skin when he talks about "how easy" it was...hmm... try: I don't careeee! ;) Plus, I am superrrr out of shape at the moment and I've decided I can't get back into until volleyball is over. Smart, I know. I bet you are all jealous of my abundance of self-motivation/effort. These last two weeks I have been constantly tired with schedules and such. I actually need to stop feeling sorry for myself and just get over that life is busy. And now I bet you are all jealous of my ability to being a whiny baby. *Note: I see some personal goals that should probably be looked into. Un-note* Anyways, the ride was fun. Beautiful scenery on the way over! Pitch dark on the way back="wouldn't want to be riding alone" scary. Alex Ehly spitting out motivational quotes inspiring us as we trekked across our voyage through parts of Iowa. It may be something we can try again come spring. I don't bike in the super cold and snow.

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