59 and counting....

Today the fam met at the truck stop (typical place, of course) to have lunch and celebrate my grandparent's 59 years of bliss together! 59 years! That's crazy! My grandma and grandpa Sapp our the only set of grandparents that are alive as a couple. And they are doing great..look at them shine!

They got married at the end of January and we did at the beginning of February:) Oh, those winter months!

We love them so much! They are a great example for how a loving marriage should be. Growing up I would go over to my grandparents practically daily sometimes because they lived right by Ashland's middle/high school. And almost every time I sat down with them grandpa would tell me how wonderful "Lucille" is to him. When I was younger, I tended to shrug it off because it didn't relate to me as much...Now, however I know how incredible that is. I've hear  my grandpa say a million time, "Now, there are two important decisions you need to make in your life. 1) Whether you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, because that will determine where you will spend eternity, in heaven or hell. And 2) Who you marry...because that will determine whether you are in heaven or hell here on earth!"

I laugh every time.

Happy 59 years Gramee and Grandpa!

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