Nailed It.

So, the other day when I was helping my mom at the store her friends and her came back and told me about this fun little store in Louisville. They told me about these pom-pom items and so I had to look it up...I thought they were so cute...hmm...can't be that hard.

And...it wasn't hard...just turned out completely and horribly different. The pom-pom colors I had were the only colors at the store...and I don't know. I am actually embarrassed to show you. But people fail sometimes, right? I just tend to do it more than the average person!

Stupid. Ha. Adam was confused why I wanted to "craft" this up in the first place and then he made sure to give me "praise" for trying new things...but "thought I should just throw the whole thing away". Ha. And...I had to agree...It's disgusting. I didn't even finish the whole thing because I was getting depressed. It's hard being married to Adam because everything looks so great when he wants to "try something out"...and seriously, every time I want to...it's just plain awful and my self-esteem plummets. He even said, "remember those cookie monster cupcakes you showed me on pinterest..." UGH! The nerve. Enough said.

So I tried to cut the pom poms off (because I paid good money for those...$6!) and made the garland instead. And it's not so bad? 

And yes, it is draped on a basket of yarn...tomorrow Gramee is going to teach me a bit on crocheting!!! So, we will see how this goes...the last time I tried it about a month ago I tried looking at youtube videos for three hours and got absolutely nowhere...Ah. So, I will keep you updated. I hope it is not a disaster like this last little project. I'm giving it one more whirl.  

**Also, I dropped my iphone in the toilet and just found out it's going to cost $150 to fix:( Hmm...That's a bummer, I will stop venting now. Life is still good:)

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  1. I think the pom pom garland looks super cute and sorry about the iphone :(