Tyler's Birthday Bash

On Saturday Adam and I went to Lincoln and did a lot of things. Taxes. Check. Help my brother move. Check. Celebrate Adam's brother's 26th. Check-a-rooski. 

Look at these delightful desserts...Evelina made the best chocolate cake ever (so much so that I took some home and may or may not have eaten it for breakfast the next morning)...and I made my first full on cheesecake. Tyler opened a gift of an IPAD2 and didn't even scream with excitement...so I did for him. Talk about a fab gift...he totally deserves it! Then, we went bowling...and Adam wore his gizmo shirt (I don't even know what a gizmo is even though he has tried explaining it to me multiple times...hmm...I think he judges me for that). 

Happy Birthday Tyler!

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