1. I'm signed up and ready for the Color Run in Chicago! I'm staying with a bestie... Alison Marie!!! Meg Hess/Dud came up with our team name, "Hue snooze, Hue lose"...color me beautiful June 2nd.

2. Some friends convinced Adam and I to get twitter. So follow us @i_be_adam and @i_be_amy...and yeah, I straight up copied him.  And I have like five followers. Ha. That's okay though, because they are good ones.

3. I don't have school today due to PT conferences! So I'm making monster cookies. Bruce is watching me.

4) Does anybody want to buy our house? It is still for sale:( You can have some of the cookies I'm making.

5)  A student gave me these for Vday. Words can't describe...and I don't even like the typical chocolate covered cherry.

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