Summer Thoughts...

Now that school is almost done...t-minus 2 days left (oh yeah oh yeah ohhhh yeaahhhh)... and summer is rapidly approaching I thought I needed to figure out summer things...you know, the things you want summer to be about. I am actually super excited because I got jobs teaching summer school and a reading program in Elkhorn this summer...why are you so excited to be around kidssss longgeerrr you ask? Well, they are only half days so I can still work (and save up for a house with a yard someday, fingers crossed) while trying to do some things that I have been wanting to do all year! So here is my list:  

1) Painting old furniture. This was my Grandma Barb's old desk, it was actually made for a typewriter. My brothers (gotta love em) brought it up from my parent's house and Adam and I took out some of the huge extra wood pieces that weren't necessary, painted away...and whala, it's our fun desk! I really want to garage sale around this summer and hit up the Goodwill for old furniture (so if you know of any (garage sales or old furniture) let me know!) My goal is to start "a line" in my mom's craft store and maybe put it on esty as well! We'll see how this goes...I'm super motivated now, but who knows when the glorious sun starts shining down daily and I find myself craving a pool more than a paintbrush...which brings me to:

2) Summer hats in the sun. I plan on taking some of my afternoons and/or weekend to hit up the local pool (and when I say local pool, I mean Jen Neuberger's pool of choice at the time...her apartments or her parents...I will take either). Gotta love the summer glow looking stuff.

3) Read. I want to start reading books more. So..some Aphi "sisters (yep, I'm pulling out the sisters word...)" and I have decided that it would be fun to start a "book club"...I know, I know...veryyyy mature. This may an excuse to get together and have cocktails or this truly may be about reading books monthly. We haven't discussed this part all the way through yet...First meet is tomorrow at Mrs. Kara Weaver's place...so we will find out soon. If you have any recommendations we'd love to hear em! 

4) Our Camera. I want to learn more about our camera. I feel like I should take classes or something but classes don't sound too appealing to me at the moment. So, I guess it's up to Google and books. 

5) Photoshop. Adam is sooooo good at Photoshop stuff and it makes me want to at least know some basics! Last night I made the collage that is up above (All of you artsty-photoshopers, comments to yourself please;)...)! It took me awhile because it is soooo confusing...command this, shift that...ahhh! I already prepared myself that tears will probably come sometime this summer when Adam isn't there to come to my every "overly dramatic" plea for help. But we will see, bear with me when it comes to "amy photoshopping on the blog"!  

So that's it! My plan...I'm sure it will all go as expected and nothing will get in the way...right? ha. 

Summer summer summeerrrrrr loveeeee and stuff.

**I am thankful for my job. Even though by end of the year the students start becoming louder and louder and the paperwork piles up. I love trying to make a difference (as cheesy as it sounds)...but it is AWESOME when a kid doesn't understand something and you help him/her understand it. Kids are funny too. So I enjoy that.

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  1. I love that you and the Aphi girls are starting a book Club! have fun reading!