iphones and eyerolls

Hi. So for my birthday I really wanted to use the money from my parents and grandparents to get an iPhone. It actually worked out good because Adam finally could get off of his Alltel plan with his parents (there is like one or two Alltel's left in NE and good ol' Fremont was one of them). There was a little concern because he was stuck on the plan when we got married and had to wait until Alltel turned into Verizon (which was unknown...so not a good sign) or until his plan ended. So we waited it out ( I act like we were waiting years on end...it was three months, pull it together Andersons). Anyways, we were so pumped to go get the big iPhone. 

I met Adam after work at Verizon and we started giving the Verizon guy our big "we are getting off our parents plan and getting our own now because we are married and so grown up" schpeal. He started clicking away on his carry-around computer and this is when the eyerolls starting occuring. We thought we would both just automatically be able to get iPhones because we were getting onto a new plan. Nope! Adam could get one because he was going from Alltel to Verizon and would have to get a new number and stuff...but...I wouldn't. Hmm...Confident in Adam, I just assumed that I would get the new phone and he could have my old one (which still was a total upgrade for him since he couldn't ever see who was calling because he dropped it or hear very well because he was doing the "manly changing his own oil" thing and got oil on the phone). However, it "was MY birthday"...right? Whelp,he was being a little grumpy and on edge about this decision. This totally caught me off guard and I threw in the whole "my dad would have traded me in a second" speech. (You can probably see the eyerolls going all over the place now I'm sure)....So, Adam was raking his brain to figure out if there was anyway he could get his iPhone (don't get me wrong, I totally wanted to have matching iPhones with him...I'm cheesy and love that kind of stuff. I know, I know, some of you are thinking...pathetic...I'm thinking "why wouldn't we have matching phones?!)...He then asked if my family had any upgrades that I could use because they haven't used them...and....THANK YOU DAD AND YOUR OLD OLD PHONE....there was one. I called him and begged him for the upgrade. Luckily, my dad is amazing, and let me have it (it did take a little bit of explaining though...just picture me in the Verizon store in the corner for about 5 minutes talking it out with DaddyO in front of a line of customers waiting)...."I mean it was my birthday though", right? *Geez Amy, milk out the day even more. So end of story we both got the white iPhones (there was additional drama with the colors but I don't want this to get too out of hand)...;)

We will see how Adam and I do with these amazingly awesome phones. Adam likes to lose items such as phones and I like to drop items such as phones...so I will have to keep you updated!

Oh yeah...and this was my bday gift to myself...three words that just go great with each other: Kate Spade giraffe:)

*Today I am thankful for fun technology things and the school's homemade lasagna.Of course I packed a healthy wrap and yogurt...but I didn't know homemade lasagna was on the menu at school (some might be rolling YOUR eyes now...but ya can't knock it til ya try it)!

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