Our New Home

The move last weekend was successful! It was a hot and humid one. Thanks to family (and Jason Ecc) we got it done! Whewww. I was living off of Starburst and Sprite for 48 hours. Adam and I were soooo excited to actually see the house in person...crossing our fingers the whole way down! We found this place on Craigslist! I know what you are thinking...huh?! Questionable, maybe. We had no other choice and are thankful now that this all happened the way it did. My mom kept saying "Isn't God just amazing in how he works everything out...?" I'm pretty sure that was her motto for the weekend.  And I do have to agree. This "moving thing" has had me doing a million things a minute and it's really cramping my "watching Food Network after school" style...but things are working out. Adam has finished his second day now and loves it! I can tell his motivation level is at an all time high;) The kid got less sleep then I did and was still in high spirits come Sunday. That is a miracle in itself to since he sleeps an average of nine hours a night. His coworkers took us out to lunch yesterday before I headed home and it was fun to meet them. All 8;) I'm still praying that the right job will come along for myself. Ahh...trust, right? 

So, this is the KEY to our home. Yep. I kinda love it. We will update you with more pictures later...our house needs to pull it together first.  

Things I have learned so far:

-We have a 92 year old neighbor, Fern. And she is the cutest thing ever. 92, people.  She was out raking leaves the day we arrived. For 5 hours she was raking leaves. And got every single one of them out of her garage. Girls got it goin on.

-There is a Chinese place less than two blocks away.

-We live in a neighborhood called College Hill. It's the cutest little thing. Almost as cute as Fern. 

-Adam can bike to his work. Bonus for that lucky boy.

-Douglas Avenue to Rock Road is how I get to the Gap.  

-I made it back to the parents in 4 1/2 hours.

So...that's the update with us.....

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