Things that will make you laugh...

...because they made me laugh in the middle of this week of bubble wrap and emotions, sealed off with heavy duty packing tape.

1) This is how Adam has to turn his vents on/off. No lie. The knob "broke"...so I guess we now use pliers.  (Note that this man and I have had many "convos" (cough cough, arguments) about fixing this because whenever I get in his jeep I die of heat & "still air"...touche Adam. You "fixed" the problem. Touche.).

2) I wore three items of clothing inside out this week. Without knowing until midday. Seriously.

3) The students had to guess how many balloons were in this trophy case at school. One student wrote down his estimate and asked me if I could read it (because it was kinda shaky)...he told me he was concerned about if I could read it because he wrote it with his "fingers crossed"...cute thing. If he doesn't win the main prize, he wins the prize of being clever..."in my heart"...no loot (ipods or wii games) involved. Sorry.  

4) How the teachers at my school are planning a secret "flash mob" for the end of the school year assembly. I was continually smiling from 3:30-4:00 this afternoon as we all tried learning Michael Jackson moves.  This will be more than interesting. 

5) My brothers and I were texting and the phrase "Let's truckpool" entered the conversation (you know, like "carpool", but in a truck). And then I left the conversation.

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