My Birthday!

I love my birthday. I'm not going to try and downplay my feelings toward May 13. I'm one of those people that love to share it with the close friends and family....but I don't need people singing to me or any outrageous action that might be embarrassing. So, it fits that my parents' church sang to me last Sunday morning (right after I whispered to my mom during announcements, "you don't need to tell people it's my birthday"-it's a small church-people can kind of blurt out things and everyone rolls with it there). I woke up to the usual (and much appreciated) "Happy Birthday Amy" signs placed all over my house from my mom and enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes (my favorite breakfast item ever- I mean, I'm not going to turn down a dessert at 9am).

Overall, it was a great day! Adam came back and we hung out with the fam!

Bruce has a new cousin, Akita. Alex & Ash got a pup!

After all the family festivities Adam and Bruce had to get back on the road again:( Tear. I wiped that tear as soon as my mom mentioned a new vineyard, Cellar 426, east of Ashland. So, we decided to pick up my Grandma Bev and mosey on out there. We basked in the sweet sun while sampling some wine...and even learned some tidbits here and there about wines and the vines. We got home and my mom and I went on a long walk on the gravel roads (very country-ish, huh, and what would you think if I told you we were trying to get a baby goat to walk right before that...yep). We are both pretty busy, so it was soooo nice to just hang out with each other with no agenda.

At our women's bible study last night we talked about joy. And I think that is the word I would use to describe this birthday. anddddd I was full of joy. In the midst of not living with my husband for three weeks, overwhelmed with applying/interviewing for jobs, saying farewell to people, and wrapping up my most difficult year teaching, I am excited that God still puts some joy into my heart! 

and something else today that brought me joy. I got to see 40 middle school students perform the evolution of dance. middle schoolers. enough said. it was the highlight of my Wednesday, hands down. 

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