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Adam and I are both in Wichtia now! Ah! and I HAVE A JOB! WOO HOO! 4th grade! My school is Jefferson Elementary and it's Title One school. It will be a COMPLETE "180" from teaching in a west Omaha suburb...ha. I am veryyy excited though. I think this will challenge me in many ways. I know it will be hard. They told me it would be hard. I'm okay with that. These kids "need you, need you" if you know what I mean. A lot of them have little or no support at home and you might be the only positive adult role model they have. So just hoping to keep my head above water this upcoming school year;) 

 This last week I left home. Austin made me laugh. Adam showed me love. He loves biking to work and back. My Fire Ridge parents rock and gave me this cross plaque with some little incentives to go to Jcrew & Target. Oh Joy. They also gave me chocolate covered cherries from the best place ever. Adam and I celebrated my new job at Mike's Wine Dive, which is conveniently right down the street from us, so we just strolled on over. We biked. And Bruce loves his new yard.  Intense week. Good week.

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