Candy Corn & Cardinal CHAMPS!

I'm sick. and kinda have been since last Sunday. Blah. I can barely talk and it makes it rather difficult to teach. Went to the doc this week and just now finally got some meds....let's pray they work! Yesterday was "Candy Corn Day" in third grade. It's a fun day. Candy corn activities, worksheets, and of course the actual candy to devour. While I love and fully support this day, yesterday "Candy Corn Day" took any life that was left in me, out of me. The students were hyped on sugar and the yellow, orange, and white day that surrounded them.  

*Let me throw a little sidenote in:  I did happen to bring in my "sugar cookies" from the prior post to give to the students if they wanted them. I just felt like I had to make someone eat them for them to pay off (hmm...someone's insecure)...so I handed them out and told them about my "experience" in the kitchen and if they wanted one they could have one. Of course they all tried one...I expected that. But I didn't expect their response! "Oh..Mrs. Anderson, these are the best cookies ever"..."Can I get the recipe?"...Not kidding people. So yes, I am confessing that I will now boost my self-esteem by going to 9 year olds.

So, after the sugar-high filled school day of course Adam and I had the BIG WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP to watch! So, we made chili and had the sunflowers seeds ready to go. Adam made me a "mini bed" on the couch since I wasn't feeling well. and then we may have gotten into a little tiff on why Adam "needed" to go get me Sierra Mist. Hmm...I may make matters a tad bit more emotional/dramatic when I'm sick. Anyways, the game went well and STL came out as the champs! Fun stuff! We are crossing our fingers for Pujols this upcoming year...ahhh...

...then B wanted to sleep by me on the couch since I was feeling sick...so I let him. I'm liking that four-legged creature more and more. Shh...don't tell Adam.

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