Amanda's about to "Pop"!!!!!! (seriously, she is)

On Sunday we celebrated Amanda being prego! and not only that...she's due soooonnnn:) We all got together and did some baby shower stuff...while talking about what it was like being pregnant of course! Ah! A whole new world to all of us there...since none of us has had a little one yet! It was a small intimate little get-together. I have never have thrown a baby shower so this was a new experience for me (or really any kind of a shower now that I think of it...ha..). Thankfully, Megs made some punch, Anne helped with the veggies, and Beth (the cupcake queen) made tiramisu cupcakes:)   

Each one of us then created "our very own onesie" for baby boy Chung! I took 3 minutes to iron on an "I'm pulling an all-night" saying...while Beth, Anne, and Erin went to town and sewed up a storm! I loved it. Creative little overachiever geniuses;)...lots of adjectives there. 

Lots of fun and lots of love for ya Amanda and Chris! Hooray for this new journey!

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