Birthdays, Balloons, and Byes.

This week has been a good one. A) I found out Mat Kearney has a new album coming out AND he is coming to Omaha in October! LOVEEE. B) My Matched book came (I was trying to save money and order it from Amazon...which was all well and good until Jen told me she was already done...so jealousy creeped in...I have it now. It's gone). C) We celebrated my Aunt Cindy's birthday on Monday! Julie, Coop, and I went down to Ashland to join in with the aunts and gma.

D) I also was able to nanny a couple of days this week for my old kiddos and their cousins. It was only appropriate to fill 96 water balloons on that hot Tuesday.

E) and finally we had a going away party for our good friend Ryan. Ryan's a part of our Thursday night bible study and he has a heart for God, for sure. I loved whenever he talked and prayed. So heartfelt. So intense, but not overly intense. Perfect intense. His favorite colors are black, red, and white, he wears cool clothes, loves the Bulls, can dance like whoa, and has my dream car. Anyways, he is going to Moody college in Spokane in about a week and we are all going to miss him a lot. After the party Adam just kept saying, "I'm really going to miss Ryan"...:) Good luck Ry! We are sad. But happy to see what God plans for you in this next step of life.

I made some whoopie pies! From a box. No kidding.

Some of us tried to dress like Ryan. It's hard. But Alex did alright. Even down to the hair!

Erin sporting a Bulls hat...signed by Rodman and Pippen! What? You Ehlys. Above and Beyond.

Ryan always has good kicks. So, I had to borrow these bad boys from one of my HS girls. Thanks Kira!

Well, off to laundry. Adam and I are suppose to run a 5k tomorrow in Ashland and we don't wannaaaaa. We haven't been running...or exercising in general. Plus, we have been eating and drinking everything in sight. Ugh. Fall. We are pulling it together!!! Right?!

**One of my friends at this on her fb page...I liked it lots:
What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?!??!

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