Golf & Love

I haven't ever golfed. Never. Not real golf. So, Adam decided it was time that I try. Conveniently, our friend Troy's dad owns a little par 3 golf course and hooked us up with some golf:) Woot woot Troy. So, Adam and I decided very last minute to play on Saturday. Adam laughed a lot. at me. which is fine. Hello?! I have never gone before?!!! I got a blister (from all of my intense swinging) and had to sit out the last 2 holes. It was okay though, I was a good golf cart driver. It was fun. We were in love and golfing.

Then we stayed in love and went to my high school "locker buddy's" wedding. Kyle and Morgan! I had to steal this first pic from Meg's blog. I was not at a good angle for this. We had fun hanging out with friends and having cocktails at the fully open bar:) Nice. The lemon cake was amaaazing and so good for me. Adam got seconds. A big plate of seconds... and that was good for him. Congrats Yardleys! Have fun in Jamaica!

**Not to put a damper on the this post but this is a random thank you, but important one. Thank you God for finding Jaycee Dugard. I watched the Diane Sawyer special on her last night and oh man...So scary and sad, yet Jaycee is so positive and optimistic. I am so thankful that she wrote a book and did the tv special to help others become more aware of this issue going on...I feel like it probably made people thankful not only for their family, but also, for everyday things. I mean, she lived in a tent/shed for 18 YEARS! getting raped and having kids in a backyard! So so so scary. Tears were shed during this special. I guess it just makes us think twice about life. My heart goes out for some kids that have to go through this kind of stuff...trafficing makes me sick to my stomach. Adam once asked me if I had a passion for any certain kind of need...the hungry, the sick, the lost, etc. I said this subject of sexual abuse just makes me soooo soooo sad. I can't even imagine. Matthew West's last album basically told the story of "peoples' lives". People from everywhere would write in letters about their lives.. Here he tells of one of his songs that addresses this issue. You should watch it.

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