The Sullivans!

Another weekend for a wedding! On Saturday my great, fun friend from school, Britt, got hitched to "the" Mark Sullivan (as she referred to him after their first date)! I was so excited because Britt asked me to share this special day with her as a bridesmaid! It was beautiful! So Brittany! We headed down to Lincoln for the weekend to celebrate the wedding! 

The Bride and Bridesmaids!

The reception was fun times as well! Lots and lots of teacher friends from Elkhorn came to dance and dance! CATH LYON even came back from Chicago!!!! LOVED every second I had with that lady, she knows how to cut a rug!!! Cath taught with me on the third grade team a year ago and she has been soooo missed:( However, the second I saw her it was like we hadn't missed a beat!


CDawg looked fab in the lime green and even got out on the dance floor...Maybe I threatened her a bit, maybe I didn't. She was fun though! Mental note for future times when I want to dance next year.

The Bride and JLech!

Look at Con's hand in the air! Who would've thought???!! LOVE!

Lasso! One of Cath's many moves.
Great weekend! We are sure tired todayyy. Congrats Britt and Mark! Have fun in Ireland you crazy cats you!

**I am thankful teacher friends! They are so fun and funny! I was so excited when I heard Cath was coming back from Chicago. I didn't know about it until a day before and it made me so so happy! and Cath, I know you read my blog. So two words for you: keep lassoing! 

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