Stirrup Days

So, we got back from Jord and Mike's party and were suppose to run in a 5k the next morning at 7am in Ashland. Nice. We were not prepared for this at all. Agh. We thought we'd give it a go though so Adam put a pot of pasta on the stove and we had a little late night carb session at 11:30pm. Ridiculous. We had the alarm set for 5:30 am. yuck. and of course snoozed til 5:50, packed Brucey Boy up and left by 6. The race was not fun. Humid and Blah. Adam improved his last year time someway somehow and I my time went up. Ha. I started running with Megs...and ended up crossing the finish line with Boss (luckily I found him on the last mile and asked if he would run with me the rest of the way, luckily he is a good brother and said yes, otherwise I might have had to start walking...I know I know, 3 miles, pull it together Amy)!

Megs ended up getting 2nd place! Woot woot! And I actually won a free massage! Ha. Love that!

After the 5k we headed to G&G Sapps (our "go to" spot for the entire day) to hang out and have breakfast before the parade. Bruce enjoyed some parts...the horses were obviously a favorite for him.

Miss Mary on her Gift Niche float. celebrating 20 years. Ha


Later on that day Mom wrangled us all up to help set up a small carnival and help with the frog jumping contest that the GN puts on (I made shirts last year for this...ha...bc Miss Mary requested it- impressed? I know, good huh?! Adam's is totally crooked). I also made Adam stop by the "Cupcake Clash"...(like Cupcake Wars on TV...)...and dad came with us to get some root beer floats. Good stuff.

Sometimes the frogs wouldn't jump. They took a little nudging. Aw..Adam is so great.

Max's face is priceless!
Aunt Nancy was watching Max and brought him down. Ha. Isn't this pic so cute of him?! Adam and I were about to head home...but then grandpa had a couple sermons that he wanted us to listen to...and homemade ice cream he wanted to treat us to:)

It was a busy day. Busy busy. I loved it. It was so much fun hanging out with the fam! And today we are heading out to Adam's parents after church for a grill out. I tell ya, summer is just plain fun. Plain fun. Yep.

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