Cabin & Sing-a-longs

Yesterday Adam, Bruce, and I went out to the cabin for a couple of hours to relax in the sun. We grilled some brats and I bought some Ho-Ho's for dessert:) We tried to go paddle boating but it was super windy...so we were gone for 5 minutes. ha. Adam found some lips too. So we tried them on.I don't know how we got that miracle picture of Bruce with them. In .5 seconds he had them in his mouth and chewed up. 

Later that night we hung out with Jen, Ross, Amy, & Tom. Went to Red, had a couple drinks and then Ross and Jen and Adam and I decided randomly that they were going to come over and play poker. So randomly. It was almost midnight already...so this was big for Adam and I! Late night coming up!

We played poker. Jen dominated. and Ross and Adam did some sing-a-longs. You lucky people get to even listen!!! You're welcome for this musical snack that happened around 3:30am...(I turned the camera during the middle part because I thought it would automatically switch on my phone when played back for some reason...and it didn't, so oops...I switch back though). 

Oh yeah. We stayed up past 5am. Bam. That's right. We still got it. Once every three years we might do this. Maybe not even that much;)

**I'm suppppper thankful for Jennnnnn!!!! She's so fun and a goooood friend. and Ross isn't all that bad either.

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