A&A Paint Session.

Hi there...So, last night Adam and I were watching the Cardinals while eating Papa Murphy's Pizza (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE) when we decided we should paint...so, at 9:30 at night (this is very surprising for us-late night!) we trucked to good ol' Wal-Mart and bought some paint. We painted over an old canvas. Here is our late night...and early morning (we actually got tired...ha..so that's when we had to finish it).

Final Piece:)

My favorite part.

Adawg's Favorite Part.

I also tried making some mini lemon bundt cakes earlier....here's a pic. Adam also took a picture of the kitchen because he wanted to "show" me how much of a mess I can make in one hour. Thanks sweetie. It's funny bc I look at it and say "not super bad...could've been worse"...he looks at it and has a heartattck bc somebody is a total total neat freak....not naming any names. 

**I'm thankful for my artsy hubby. He is fun. Oh, and everybody watch Soul Surfer! Sooo good. Cheesy at times, but overall good good. I watched it twice in 24 hours. Once by myself and then made Adam watch it. I cried throughout the movie at different random spots. So cute.

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