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The days are ticking by before school starts...2 free days left...So, Adam and I have just been going all out. AGAIN, we got Papa Murphy's pizza (family size-for 2 of us..hmm....) and Adam said that he would watch The Notebook with me! I have been begging him for months. I had super bad cramps that day so I think he was trying to do anything possible to make me feel better (sweet thing). I had to laugh because as I was popping the pizza in the oven he turned to me and said, "I just want you to realize what have been the last three movies that we have watched recently: Soul Surfer, Armageddon, and now The Notebook". Ha. I never get my way with movies...but apparently...I have the last three times. I'm also reading The Time Traveler's Wife right now...and there is movie (click me for happysad feeling) out based on that book (bring on more tears Rachel McAdams)...hmm...it doesn't look as if Adam's going to get a break anytime soon;)

 This weekend was a different one. A lot of here and there. Adam's cousins came back from California to celebrate their dad's birthday. So we went out to Syracuse to celebrate with them...

Adam went to KC the next morning to hit up a Royals game with some work friends. They went to Steak N' Shake (we see the commercials all the time when we are watching the Cardinals play KC so it was only appropriate he sent his "shake" picture). They ended up getting back late Sunday night...So...that means I had all day by myself:( Well, with Bru boy. I read that Time Traveler's Wife for like 6 hours (I just got it and am trying to get it done before schoolllll), went to school to get some stuff to work on, and wore Adam's shirt the whole day (aww...just to be reminded of him, right?)! ha. Don't worry, I made sure to send him all of these pics so I could keep him updated on my day. 

I also decided to make a wreath with our wedding things...Hmm. 

We have our last softball game tonight...Adam is bummed. I might be ready for a little break. But we are excited to have the peeps over for a BBQ after! Good ol' teacher friends.

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