& Until Spring...

Last Night was our final summer softball game! For the past few years Jeanne has been getting together a softball team for a lot of us teacher friends. Over the years it has been a great excuse to get together weekly and play ball. I feel like every year we get better and better. We aren't a super serious team. And don't get into too many quarrels;) And it's actually pretty fun. Anyways, like I said, last night was our final game. We lost. However, Adam did have an outrageous catch! I'm catcher and when the next batter came up to bat he said, "Man, who is that guy?!"...expecting no answer. But I chimed in and said, "He's my husband"...ha. I usually make fun of Adam instead of give him tons of credit for things everybody else is super impressed by. I mean, someone's got to keep the kid humble. But this time...I just had to let him know:) 

We had a little grill out celebration at our place after. Good Season Team. See you at inservice on Friday (except for Adam, Brian, and Tyler- sorry see you a different time)...when we start molding little minds again. T, you don't mold. Just teach directly from the book. Nobody trusts you.   

**Thanks God for every single person on our team. It's fun to play with them. They are usually pretty funny. And thanks that we can play. That we have arms and legs and eyes and stuff. Sometimes I forget to thank you for the simple but important stuff!

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