Coop, Kate, & Ash

This weekend was a pretty laid back but fun one! On Saturday night my cousin Andy and his wife Julie asked if Adam and I could watch their little Cooper! We didn't have anything going on so of course we said we would love to babysit! We went over a little earlier and grilled out with them and Julie's sister & fiance. It was fun hanging out with them:) Coop is so tiny and little and adorable! 

Sunday morning we went to Springfield to listen to Thomas (Adam's brother) preaching the sermon. He did a great job and I always enjoy hearing Thomas...so cool, calm, and collective.
After that I headed to my friend, Kate's bridal shower. I could only stay there for basically 30 minutes because my brother's fiance had one in Ashland as well. But I did do a quick "catch up" with the girls (and am excited to reunite again with them on Friday for our friend Jordan's wedding)! Kater looked beautiful and had some yummy cupcakes:) 

Last but not least, I quickly headed to Ashley's shower in Ashland. Lots of family, friends, and family friends:) Chatted and watched her open her lovely gifts! I'm excited for her to "officially" become part of the fam! 

Anyways, that's the weekend in a nutshell. I'm a little nervous about tomorrow and this week...let the new curriculum begin. and. i. will. try. to. keep. calm. and. carry. on.

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  1. Good pics! Little baby is cute and I can tell that their house is quite lovely!!